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IWhat is crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money from a large no of people via online platform. you can raise money for medical treatment , study , startup , women empowerment , social service etc .

IIs crowdfunding legal in India ?

YES , the online donation/reward based crowdfunding legal ,Although there is no bar on donation/rewards based crowdfunding which are mostly done online .

IIs crowdfunding safe with dayawant ?

"" YES "" Dayawant provide safe , Reliable and simplest way of fundraiser . Dayawant features the very best in secure payments encryption technology your donors' online payment are safe

IHow do I get Donations ?

Dayawant provides easy way to raise money from family , friends and online community . To succeed in crowdfunding make sure the story behind your fundraising initiative is clear to your audience so they can understand your cause and how their money will be used. Dayawant makes is simple to share your fundraiser in variety of ways to brings donations.

ICan I raise funds for Medical Expenses ?

Yes, Medical crowdfunding has immensely helped patients diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), cancer, transplants and other critical illness. With the help of medical crowdfunding, patients diagnosed with rare diseases received representation and financial support from platform

IHow do I withdraw my funds ?

If you have donation in your campaign account, you can withdraw funds clicking on the 'Withdraw money' button from your portfolio dashboard. Although any withdrawn funds will show as unavailable immediately, it could take a few Hrs./Days to reach your verified bank account

Iwhat I will get benefit if I donate for cause of crowdfunding campaign

In India, donations to certain non-profits are eligible for income tax benefits. Individuals donating to a non-profit organisation with a valid 80G certification can receive as much as 100% tax deduction You will get Rewards & Gift box from dayawant. Giving to charity makes you feel good

IHow do I create crowdfunding campaign on ?

Its 4 easy step to create yours campaign : 1. Open in Google's search engine 2.Get registered and create own account 3.Login with yours user name 4.Click my campaign and create campaign for your cause If you need help contact customer support team.

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